CreativeC Joins the OpenPower Foundation

 CreativeC has joined the OpenPOWER Foundation, an open development community based on the POWER microprocessor architecture.  

CreativeC  joins a growing roster of technology organizations working collaboratively to build advanced server, networking, storage and acceleration technology as well as industry leading open source software aimed at delivering more choice, control and flexibility to developers of next-generation, hyperscale and cloud data centers.  The group makes POWER hardware and software available to open development for the first time, as well as making POWER intellectual property licensable to others, greatly expanding the ecosystem of innovators on the platform. 

"We couldn't be more thrilled to be part of what OpenPower is doing." - Greg Scantlen CreativeC CEO

“The development model of the OpenPOWER Foundation is one that elicits collaboration and represents a new way in exploiting and innovating around processor technology,” says XXX (IBM or other Platinum member). “With the Power architecture designed for Big Data and Cloud, new OpenPOWER Foundation members like CreativeC. will be able to add their own innovations on top of the technology to create new applications that capitalize on emerging workloads.” 

To learn more about OpenPOWER and to view the complete list of current members, go to