Our Mission

CreativeC’s mission is to facilitate Science and Engineering by computing faster. CreativeC’s discipline is work codesigned High Performance Computing (HPC). We team with expert software developers to offer specialized Instruments for Science and Engineering in the disciplines of Materials Science, Computational Chemistry, Molecular Dynamics, Deep Learning, Neural Networks, Drug Discovery, Biotechnology, and Bioinformatics. Our business model calls for diversification into areas of Science and Engineering made commercially viable by new compute technologies.



Stand alone operation means you control when and who connects to your work. 


Quick access to the newest technologies.


Our fit for purpose design gets the best return on investment in the market.

Based on time to solution, and cost of equipment, our LAMMPS Instrument is about 8X more efficient than current LANL computing, for a 20M atom shock simulation.
— Saryu Fensin, Material Scientist